Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Aromaz strawberry lip balm review

I wanted a good lip balm which would repair my chapped lips and also which is non-tinted. I have tried their lip balms which are pretty good for the price.
Lets have a look.

Enriched with Shea Butter and natural vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized and hydrated. Prevents drying, chapping and cracking of lips and keeps them soft and supple.

Petroleum jelly,bees wax, paraffin wax, lanolin, shea butter, vitamin E oil.

Rupees 30

Other flavours include chocolate, spf-10, cranberry, mint.

If you visit those local shops, you will find this lip balm

Its a normal red coloured tube which is easy to carry and use.

My take
If you have tried the Himalaya lip balm or the Emami lip balms in tube packaging you would know what I am talking about. I have tried its mint flavour and I liked it, thus I went ahead with strawberry one. You know it has the exact strawberry smell which I wanted, not the artificial ones. But the smell fades away in five minutes. It gives a glossy effects to lips and stays there for around an hour. The special thing is that my lips were a bit chapped and this lip balm cured them effectively.

So many good ingredients at this price point is a good thing about this lip balm. I wish both the balm and its smell stayed longer but this would be too much at this price.
Will definately go for this again. See I told you, even lesser known brands can also have good products. I give it a 3 out of 5.

If you want a good lip balm for night use, give it a try.