Friday, 14 March 2014

My Current CTM Routine

Off late I have been getting some pimples on my face. I dont know the reason behind it. I have following the same routine for about 2 months and thus I guess my face was shouting for some change.

Since I have oily sensitive skin I need to be extra careful with my facewash and moisturizer. You know facewash makes it dry and the other one breaks me out. I was kinda happy with my Patanjali almond oil but then I decided to try something new. I brought Clean And Clear oil free moisturizer.

Here is my current CTM routine

1. Facewash- Patanjali Neem-Tulsi facewash. This is the only Patanjali product that I am using right now. I must say it has taken care of my pimples very well. Must try this facewash if you have pimples. It is way better then Himalaya Neem facewash.

2. Toner- Usually I am a rosewater toner person but this time I became a little more daring and changed my toner as well. Currently I am using Naturepro toner. This does not dries out the face. I have seen the size of my pores getting reduced.

3. Moisturizer- clean and clear oil free moisturizer is perfectly suiting me right now. No complaints from this.

4. Sunscreen-I am using Lotus herbals sunblock. This has become my HG sunscreen right now.

5. Scrub- CTM routine must have a scrub. I am using Oriflame pure active scrub. Loving it.

I am following this routine for past 2 weeks. My pimples have gone I my skin is behaving great. You need to change your products to see a difference.