Monday, 13 January 2014

Oriflame pure skin scrub/face wash review

This is my first ever product review on PAP. I am literally getting the feeling of chills running down my entire system and I feel super nervous.
Moving ahead, this pure skin scrub comes from a trusted brand called oriflame . a friend of mine (an oriflame representative) suggested me to try this and thus this blue coloured bottle landed in my kitty. This blue coloured bottle is a classic scrub bottle and I quite like such  bottles, they are so easy to use.

It is originally priced at rupees 345 but I got it for 295 rupees at discount. Yes yes, even I feel that the price is on the higher side.

This scrub contains salicylic acid which is good for my oily sensitive skin. It does not tear out my skin like other harsh scrubs but then it dries out my skin. I feel the need of applying moisturizer after using this. I have come more than halfway through this bottle and all I can say that this is a decent scrub which has reduced by blackheads effectively. I enjoy my clear skin after using this. This also works as a facewash so there is an added benefit.
It has a long list of ingredients which makes it impossible for me to type. It includes parabens and loads of chemicals

Summing up.


1.An effective facewash + scrub combo
2.The scrub paricles are not harsh. They do their work effectively
3.I get a very clear skin after using this.
4.Easy to use bottle. If you move the cap sideways, it gets locked and thus avoid spilling of the product. Sp its travel friendly also.


1.This is surely not for dry skin beauties
2.A little pricey if there is no discount.
3.There is a long, very long list of chemicals which includes parabens. Next time I would surely like to try out an herbal alternative to this scrub for my sensitive skin.
I am now so bored with this product and thus will not purchase this again. But this is worth trying. I give it a  4 out of 5.

I am glad that my first review turned out to be positive.

Take care..