Friday, 14 March 2014

Holi skincare tips

I am not at all a Holi person. I stay away from those harmful colours. I never understood the logic behind putting those colours for 3 hours on your skin and then struggle for another 6 hours in removing them. Phew. But I am not against this festival. I like decorating the home and preparing sweets. I even like playing kesar-chandan holi.

I dont play with those harmful colours but this day I get prepared at my best. You dont know what may happen next.
If you love playing with colours here are some skincare tips for you.

1. You need to be friendly with oils at your home. I lather myself up on almond oil this day.
2. Cut your nails short and apply a thick coat of nailcolour to prevent staining.
3. Wear full sleeved clothes so that you dont have to struggle in taking out the colour.
4. Put a thick coat of lip balm on your lips because lips are most sensitive to colours.

5. After playing holi get yourself a spa cleanup so that your body does not loose its moisture. You can also pamper yourself at home with warm water, bath salts and other ingredients.

6. Another good idea is to give yourself a facial to retain the charm of the skin. You know after holi the face starts to loosevits glow.

7. Dont wear lenses or specs. Make your body free from every kind of accessory.

8. Drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

9. Loathe yourself in sunscreen because sun can cause additional damage to your skin.

10. As far as possible, play dry holi. Dont use water colours. They are more harmful.