Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pamper your feet at home

Our feet are the most neglected parts of our body but they have to bear the weight of the whole body. We only understand how much our feet are tired when we lie on bed after a whole day of work.

Due to neglecting our feet most of us are not able to wear our favourite footwear. Here are some tips that will help your feet get some love from you.

1. Pamper your feet with just 10 minutes pedicure. Soak them in warm water which has some salt in it.this is the easiest way to give them some love.

2. Every night massage your toes with a foot cream. This will prevent you from getting cracked heels.

3. Use pumic stone as a scrubber for your feet. This is what I swear by. I use pumic stone every other day in my shower to remove dirt from my feet.

4. In mood of a luxurious feeling? Treat yourself with a milk soak by adding a cup of milk and rosewater in warm water. Follow it up by scrub and a moisturizer.

5. If your feet is tanned then give it a massage with baking powder mixed with lemon. This will surely keep tannin at bay.

6. I have used the warm water remedy- soak your feet in warm water at night, follow it up with a quick massage with vaseline and wear cotton socks and head over to bead. This has made my feet all the more beautiful.

7. If you have a moisturizer that is heavy for your face, use it for hands and feet.

8. Give them an oil massage once a week with coconut or almond oil.

9. Always wear comfortable footwear.

10. Dress your feet proudly with a shot of nailpaint. You will feel all the more confident.