Thursday, 23 January 2014

Patanjali Ojas Aquafresh Body Cleanser

This time it’s a review on a patanjali soap. Since I am not a big fan of shower gels (they tend to make my skin dry and are loaded with chemicals) I love using handmade soaps because they are not harsh to my skin and does not make my skin dry at all. Previously I used only handmade soaps from Khadi and now I have totally converted to these soaps from Patanjali. I am yet to try Fabindia soaps since I have many people raving about them. But right now I am very happy with my Patanjali soaps so I am not in mood to try anything new in soaps right now.

Patanjali is one such brand that is superclose to my heart. I have made my entire family to try these soaps and they have been thanking me for this.  My friend tease me that whenever I shop for my  wedding, the first thing that I am going to raid is a Patanjali shop. Well I could not agree less. Reason being they show instant results and they are actually herbal products with minor preservatives. They do not have any fancy claim to their products and most importantly they are price friendly. Do I need to say more??
They have total 8 variety of soaps including neem soap, multani mitti soap, mogra soap, mint-tulsi soap, gomutra soap, aloevery soap and finally haldi chandan soap. This aquafresh soap is priced at Rupees 22 for 75 gms. Can you believe for the price it offers. Well at first I was little skeptical to try this soap as I was not sure about the quality but when I tried this I became a fan of this soap.

Read further to know more.
My father is a fan of his Pears original soap during winters. This patanjali soap also looks same as the pears soap and so I replaced his pears soap with brand new Patanjali soap and when he used it he said it is far better than the pears soap. Later on that day at night while returning home from office, he brought 10 aquafresh soaps. “happy me”. Enough of ramblings now.
Coming to the review, it is nicely scented handmade soap which is true to its claims. Company claims that this soap is useful in rejuvenating, nourishing and glorifying the skin. Useful in removing dryness and roughness of skin. It contains shudh suhaga, haldi, tulsi, giloy, amba haldi, neem, aloe vera and gomutra. No fancy claims so I am impressed.

Coming to the packaging, it does not look like a soap from Indian brand. It is nicely packed with plastic cover inside the outer cardboard cover. Now I can raise a question to other brands of soaps like ITC, they are offering the same packaging, so why they charge so much for a soap? I mean they are merely selling a bathing bar which only helps in cleaning the skin, nothing much... It lathered pretty well without drying out my skin. I have been using it for a month and I can comment that yes it has helps in glowing and rejuvenating of skin. I can see that glow on my face. Although I don’t use it on my face but I guess it is also safe to use there also. My only concern about the soap is that it melts out pretty fast. It last me only 10 days with daily use. But I guess all handmade soaps have this longetivity  only so its okay.. The fragrance of the soap is amazing, it reminds me Jhonson's baby soaps. Smell is there for around 20 minutes which is good.

Summing up
 A mild handmade soap from Patanjali.
Great ingredient list
Does what it claims
The price. I love this price
Does not dry out my skin
Good soap for daily use
Nice smell
Nice packaging

My only con for this product is that it doe not last long and also it is only available at the patanjali outlets only.
 I give it 4.8 out of 5. It is a great product and I recommend it to all

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