Monday, 13 January 2014

Blue Heaven Strawberry Lip Balm Review

Winters  means stocking up on lip balms and lotions. My recent purchase has surprised me a lot. This strawberry flavored lip balm has been a hit in my kitty. I have finished 1 pot and on my visit to store recently I brought up 2 more pots.

The shopkeeper with whom I buy most of my cosmetics was after my life to try this lip balm. Initially I was very apprehensive to try this because I was not sure of its quality and secondly I don’t trust blue heaven so much. But this person was like “madam 10 rupay ka hi to hai, nahin pasand aaye to main wapas le lunga par aap iise try kijiye, kyuki ye baut accha hai”

 Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from the brand but when I applied it, I was ,welcomed with a hevenly smell of strawberries. It was way too yummy. When I again went to the shopkeeper and I asked for two more such lip balms, he was like “ dekha maine kaha than a ye acchi chij hai, kam daam me bhi acchi quality mil sakti hai.” I somehow agreed to him and nodded. It stayed for good 3-4 hours on my lips with a slight tint although the smell had faded away after 15 minutes though.

Summing up

  • Light textured lip balm

  • Does not feel heavy on lips

  • Light colour  payoff

  • Amazing strawberry-banana fragrance.<3 <3 <3

  • Most amazing part it is just priced at Rupees 10.

Cons being that the ingredient list is missing and also it comes in a tub form.. but at this price nothing much can be expected.

Oh bye the way, I am on reviewing mode today.. tonnes of work to be done. Enjoying my lazy day at home. Wats your plan today guys??

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