Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skincare and Makeup Haul

This time it not a Patanjali haul nor this has any Patanjali product in it. I love trying new brands and their products. If there is ingredient list on the product and its of good quality I dont mind buying it. I feel every brand should be given a try atleat once. Afterall we all love good things. I know many of you may not agree to this but this is just my point of view. This haul is basically a mix of nessecity and interests. It is not from one shop but from 5 different shops.
Lets go.

I was hunting good nailcolour shades in reds and pinks. I could not resist myself with such beautiful colours and I brought 3 shades at a go. This is from the brand Insight. They are priced at Rupees 30 each. 2 coats of the colour gives a great finish and superb colour. I am drooled.

I guess everyone of you must have heard of Soumi Gupta products. She has a line of awesome hairpacks and facepacks. This is my second bottle of Soumi Gupta's hairpack. Plus I brought a shampoo for oily scalp just for a trial.

Then there is a Camieo eyeliner and a strawberry lip balm from Aromaz. I have tried Aromaz lip balms before, they are excatly same as Himalaya lip balms with fun flavours.
This eyeliner was captivating to me as it was waterproof anfd also of its easy application.

Then I picked up a Naturepro toner. I have not tried this brand before but strange thing I found about this toner was that it was suggested by 3 SAs in 3 shops. Yes you heard it right. So finally I picked it up from the third shop.
Then there is a razor from Gillette Satincare. You know for emergencies. Then a lipstick from ADS. I loved its colour and glossy packaging.

Finally I picked up a VOV kajal. Its a retracable pencil with a smooth finish. And a blush from Baxi.
Both Baxi and VOV are prepared by same company.

Detailed reviews will be coming soon. I have not tried all products. Reviews will surely turn up as and when I try.

Thank you.