Monday, 13 January 2014

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser Review

It seems that I am going great on reviewing mode today. I am in love with my new work. It feels great to share your feelings with the entire world.

This review is about Patanjali Reetha hair cleanser.  I had a bad (read very very bad) experience with patanjali kesh kanti hair cleanser. That was the first patanjali product that had disappointed me to a lot of extent. I have oily scalp and dry hair and this caused me a lot of hairfall. After that I was scared to try out any haircare product from patanjali but I became brave and brought this reetha hair cleanser.

This is a white coloured bottle with black cap which is quiet convenient to use. The colour of shampoo is pitch black with mild frangrance. There is nothing about the appearance of the bottle and shampoo that bothers me

Product claims – useful in dryness and roughness of hair. Prevents hairfall and improves hair shine
Ingredient list contains 25 mg reetha proportion along with a list of base material containing chemicals.

 I  tried this shampoo without using conditioner and surprisingly it did not cause me any hairfall. I was pleased. This shampoo is priced at Rupees 85 for 200 ml which is super good. I think patanjali has mastered the art of making good products at economical prices.
This shampoo has not made my hair dry and I don’t feel the need of conditioner after using it. Yes it has added shine to my hair making it bouncy and happy in Kolkata winters.

 Good things about the shampoo

  • Good shampoo at economical price.
  • Even after oiling my hair it removes all traces of oil without using much quantity.
  • Contains reetha which is very good for hair.
  • No problem in lathering the shampoo. It lathers well.
  • Does what it claims.
  • It actually did not cause me hairfall.

Some not so good things

  • It contains SLES which can be further concluded that its not fully herbal shampoo. Also it contains a list of chemicals. 
  • The black colour of the shampoo somewhere bothers me but then its because of the presence of reetha in it.
  • Dry hair beauties may face a slight dryness at the ends.

I am looking forward to using more of this shampoo.
Have a great time.

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