Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy International Women's Day

Finally I am writing here. I apologize for not updating this blog. I know I am too late for this post but still I want to add my words on this day. My life facing big turnarounds at this stage. Being a final year student I need to make decisions about my job and my future. You know this decision making thing is never so easy, we women just cant take quick decisions. When I started this blog, many of my friends told me that you must hunt for a good job rather than wasting time on your blog. I dont blame them as blogging is something which is new to people around me. But still I went ahead with it. This was something I really wanted to do.

We girls attend so many women empowerment programs in our lives. These programs talk about giving equal rights to women but at the same time they demand more reservation in buses and trains. Is that what we women really want?
Its the mindset that needs a change.

A women should start living for herself so that she is honoured in the society. She must posess an analising power of what is good for her. Wish you all have a great life and all the success because we are special in our own way.

Happy women's week

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