Friday, 14 March 2014

Patanjali rosewater review

This is my 5th bottle of Patanjali rosewater. I am not able to get enough of it. You must try it to know how useful it is. Rupees 25 for a 120ml bottle is just awesome.
This is how I use my rosewater
1. I use it as an everyday toner
2. I use it in facepacks, bodypacks, hairpack.
3. Sometimes I use it as a mild cleanser.
4. Whenever my mummy makes rose sharbat at home, she uses this rosewater.
5. I add a few drops of it in my bathwater.
6. I use it on my lips.
7. I use it in my mani-pedi sessions
8. Sometimes I mix it with other ingredients and make a new toner out of it.
9. I use it as a makeup fixer.
10. Also used as an eyedrop.

I can never part with this rosewater. My CTM routine is incomplete without it. Its the purest form of rosewater and I have transferred it to a spray bottle for a better use. I wish it came in a spray bottle but considering the price I am cool with this packaging. It is even to when compared to Dabur gulabari.

You must buy it.