Saturday, 1 March 2014

Makeup storage ideas and tips

We girls love to buy and use loads and loads of makeup and skincare products but most of us fail to store them correctly. After a couple of days my wardrobe also shouts for an arrangement. I dont love to see my messy drawers and boxes but at the same time I am the last person to arrange them.

Today was the day for my wardrobe, I organised my makeup items in cute boxes and finally after so many days the whole wardrobe looked clean and well placed. I hope it stays like this forever.

Let me share some makeup storage ideas with you. I had these set of three red boxes with me of different sizes, thus I used them to store my lip products, hair accessories,and earrings in each of the three boxes respectively.
Have a look

I have stored my nailpaints in a huge round box, which is not only cute to look at but also stores all my nailpaints

I have kept my daily essentials in a heart shaped basket which came with sweets.

Okay heres summing up all the pics of my makeup. I hope you find it useful with regard to your confusion on how to store makeup. All I can say is just look around you and you will find some interesting ideas to store your makeup.

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