Tuesday, 4 February 2014

50th post on the blog

This is my 50th post on this blog. My small baby is growing big day by day. I was dying to write this post since a very long time. With your love and support this blog is growing big. The love that you have shown so far is depicted by my pageviews. I am obliged to each one of you for so much love.

If you are reading this post then you have connected with me in my journey as a blogger. Your emails show it all. Love love and loads of love to you.

Do you know why I have chosen this day to write my 50th post? Today is a very special occasion, its basant panchami and this day is considered as very auspicious for new projects. Here in bengal we celebrate this day as Saraswati puja. Oh wait there is one more reason, today my parents are celebrating their 24th marriage anniversay. So today I write my 50th post right here.

My dreams with this blog are very high. You see dreaming is good but working hard to reach to your goal is equally important. Until a year ago i did not know anything about blogging, not a bit. Then I learnt some blogging ideas from google. And I am still learning. This baby that I have made is my first project in my life and its equally close to my heart. I feel so good when I share a part of my life on such a big platform. With this blog I want to pass on the message of peace, the message of being happy no matter what, the messaage of having trust and faith in yourself, and lastly the message of being beautiful. If you are beautiful, the world around you becomes beautiful. Cheers to each and everyone on this planet because everyone has a beauty of his own. May god bless us all

Last week my brother made two beautiful collages of me with an android app. I was waiting to share this with you but was not getting the right opportunity. Then I thought I will do it in my 50th post.

Here are the piccys..