Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to maintain a healthy relationship

We human are born to make relations in life. Even animals do make healthy relations with their lovers, so whats the difference between us and animals? Well, the main difference lies in our attitude and expressions. Animals cannot express themselves by words h they emote themselves. Since we are the human race, we need to be a little more advance and sophisticated with each other. Now here lies the foundation of a healthy relationship. You dont make friends just for the sake of making friends, and even if you do, trust me you are just fooling yourselves.

So lets come to the point that we need to build relationships, that too healthy relationships. You can have millions of friends but what if no one turns up to you when you need them the most. So making genuine friends today seems to be a big task now a days. As a blogger I can say that making genuine friends is not that tough as it seems. You just need a little bit of understanding.

Here are some tips that you must understand

1. You need to have trust and faith in yourself.. If you are true to yourself, you can be true to others.
If you are not true to yourself, you can never be true to others. If you are able to understand yourself, then only you will be able to understand others.

2. Try and understand the other person. It may so happen that you may not understand the mental state of other person and then you will end up with strong misinterpretations. Please try and avoid such situations as they are bound to destroy any relationships.

3. Here I would like to talk about expectations. We humans are build up of expectations and emotions. But what if those expectations dont turn up to be true. As they say expectations always hurt. If you help a person and you expect him to help you back, then iit may not always hold good and you tend to frame negative opinions about the person. Now this is where we go wrong. We humans just go on expecting too much. Its just not good for healthy relationships.

4. Try and remain positive about the person. You know in today's world we all are so engrossed with ditching and backbitching stories in our mind that we refuse to think beyond these. Please frame positive opinions in life. Try to remain positive.

5. Now it cannot happen that you do not have arguments with that person, it does not happen normally. The way out is how you deal with those arguments. You need to deal with people with your own maturity and understanding.

6. Please do not frame opinions about a person. And even if you do then please keep it to yourself. You dont have any right to explain others about the character of the person. Nobody is perfect here. Please stop doing these right now. These are not the signs of good humans.

7. If a person tells you his or her secret he/she normally expects you that you will keep it to yourself. If you break this trust then it would never be build again. If a person trusts you then you need to maintain that trust otherwise your own goodwill will get lost.

8. "Help me help you". I have followed this throuhout. If you are not being helped then also please dont refrain yourself from helping other, you never know who might help you when you need them the most.

9. If you are not comfortable in a situation with that person then feel free to express your opinion to that person. I am sure nobody would like to hear your opinion from others. You need to be frank.

10. Last but not the least, human resource is the greatest asset in life. The stronger connections you build the more your reputation grows. You never know even a single person can become a good opportunity for you. So please be honest with yourself and with others.

Thank you..