Saturday, 1 February 2014

DIY cocoa-coffee lip balm

I think the title itself is so exciting that the post does not need any sort of introduction. We girls can never have enough lip balms. I mean we need them in every possible flavour, we need them in every possible colour. Lip balm is a staple thing in my stack. Well, I do not have lip balms in every flavour but I have started making mine in different flavour. I got this idea from pinterest and I thought lets share this idea with all of you.

For those who think DIYs are boring, effort-taking and time-consuming, here is a note to them- when you will first try a thing that you have preapared yourself, the feeling is all so different. You feel a little proud of yourself. You also know what you are using.

Okay, now enough of gyaan. Lets jump straight to the DIY. Let me tell you that this is not at all totally copied from pinterest, I have done my own moderations in it. I amjust inspired from that idea.

Things required
2.A mixture of cocoa powder and pinch of coffee powder.
3.Vanilla essence (optional)

Firstly you need to melt the vaseline, just heat it till it melts so that we can mix our cocoa-coffee powder in it. In the liquid stage only you need to add as much things as you can so you need to be a little fast here because vaseline solidifies faster.

You can even add vanilla essence for a yummy flavour. I have added it when I was heating it. And now just transfer it into an empty container or a cute lip balm pot which is empty. It solidifies in about 5 minutes and takes up a lovely dark brown shade. Dont worry the colour would not show up on lips.

This can be applied as a lip scrub also because you will find fine coffee particles which will scrub your lips very well. Overall I am in love with what I have made. You can even add a drop of almond oil to this lip balm for added benefits.
I apply this lip balm at night and wake up with soft smooth lips in the morning.

Enjoy the piccys