Friday, 14 February 2014

Book review PS I Love You...

On this valentines day, I have completed reading this book for the second time. It talks about love between two childhood sweethearts who can never be sepetated but god has made seperate plans for them. This is the story of Holly and Gerry where Jerry dies out of health issues and Holly is left alone in the universe. But Holly is surprised when she finds notes from Jerry even after he is gone. This book is sure to bring tears in your eyes. Cecelia Ahern has done a wonderful job here. The words are beautifully placed which keep you hooked. Beautifully said "sometimes life is about living one letter at a time".
If you have not read this book then please do it. It has got the depth of love which binds two souls. Now that it has been made into a movie I am looking forward to watch it.

Thank you