Friday, 21 February 2014

Nivea fruity shine cherry lip balm review

I have tried nivea lip balm in pomegranate flavour and then tried the maybelline lip balm in berry crush. And now I am having this with me. Read furthur to know more about this lip balm.

It is priced at Rupees 145 but I brought it for Rupees 130 for 4.8 gm..

*With innovative moisture store
*With fruit extracts and
shimmering pigments
*Skin compatibility
*dematologically approved
*Protects your lips against
harmful UVA & UVB ray

It is a normal lip balm packaging which is easy to use and travel friendly.

This lip balm imparts a reddish tint on lips which looks very natural

I did not feel any fragrance in this balm. Maybe its a very very faint cherry smell.

Widely available.

My take
This lip balm is good for daily usage. It glides smoothly on lip. I found it more tinted than maybelline ones but less tinted as compared to nivea fruity shine pomegranate.

Since it has spf 10 it also has sun protection. I am not very satisfied since my mind was taken away by pomegranate one but this is very fine. It imparts good colour and thus I am happy with it. I must say nivea makes awessome lip balms..

I give it a 4 out of 5..


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