Saturday, 1 February 2014

My night skincare routine

Last night while doing my skincare stuffs I got this idea to do a night skincare routine on this blog.
It is very important to follow a night skincare routine because at night you give a chane to your skin to breathe. If you sleep with even a very little makeup at night, it is sure that you will wake up with a dull skin.
So I always make it a point to pamper myself with good natural things at night so that my skin gets its glow by the morning and I truly swear by it.
Many of my friend have been questioning me about how I get that glow on my face, well here comes the answer. Its my night skincare routine which makes all the difference.
So here goes the routine.
First, I wash my face with lukewarm water. Yes, even during winters I dont skip washing my face. And I brush my teeth (you know good habits)
Then I apply aloevera gel from Patanjali on my face followed by two drops of almond oil from the same brand. With this I am done with my face.
Next I apply foot cream from Patanjali after washing my feet with cold water. Yes I know its a crack heal cream but it works as a good foot cream. It smells bad of camphor but seeing the results, I think I can bear this cream. After applying this cream I wear cotton socks andd let my feet soak this cream during the night.
Then I apply a moisturiser on my hands and rub it. There was a Garnier moisturiser that did not work for my face so I started using it as a hand cream.
Finally I apply my lip balm. Which lip balm? Oh it depends upon my mood. Sometimes when my lips need a scrubbing I apply my cocoa-coffee lip balm. Or when I want strawberry, I apply Blue heaven strawberry lip balm. Or sometimes I just apply my baby lips.
This is all about my night skincare routine.
Share your night routine here...