Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Top 10 homemade facial scrub recepies

1. Rice bran powder
It is gently exfoliating for smooth sooft skin. It prevents wrinkles, heals blemishes and absorbs dirt and oil from pores. Mix it with milk powder and you are done.

2. Citrus scrub
Mix some dried orange peel powder, some dried lemon peel powder, some almond powder and moisten it with water. Use it and rinse with warm water.

3.golden glow scrub
For that glow mix 2 tbsp orange juice with a pinch a coarsely ground turmeric and scrub your face with this mixture..

4. Walnut scrub
Mix 1 tbsp walnut powder with honey and lemon juice and scrub your face. It will give a healthy glow to your face.

5. Cocoa-coffee scrub
Mix some grounded coffee with some cocoa powder and honey and you have your magic scrub.

6. Olive oil and sugar scrub
Mix 1 tbsp of sugar with 1tbsp olive oil until it reaches a paste like consistency. Massage it gently. Wash off with lukewarm water.

7. Lemon sugar scrub
Mix 1 tbsp of powdered sugar with a drop of lemon juice and a drop of almond oil. This is best suited for oily skin.

8. Mango coconut scrub
Mix sugar in mango puree and coconut milk along with lemon juice. Not only it works but it will also give that exotic feeling.

9. Strawberry and yoghurt mash
This will eat away dead cells and will make the skin bright. Mash some strawberries in yoghurt and pat on your skin. Remove it with warm damp cloth.

10. Oats and honey scrub
Mix some grounded oatmeal with honey and apply. Remove with warm damp