Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Insight polish cleanser review

As you all know my love for VoV was evergrowing. When my lemon polish cleanser got over I brought home the strawberry polish cleanser. Since VoV has become Insight now, I still love calling it VoV. You know its such a pretty simple name.

It is priced at rupees 30 for 60ml. It seems a good quantity. I am really impressed

They have this fun loving colours for their bottles with strawberries and lemons printed on top of the cap on each bottle. I love the packaging

The strawberry one do smells of strawberries and so the lemon one has faint smell of lemons. I mean I never used such cleansers which will have these fragrance. All the cleansers I have tried have typical acetone smell.

On the pack it is written acetone free. And I love it more.

Isopropyl alcohol /butylene glycol / isopropyl myristate / lanolin / butylated hydroxytoluene / caprylic / capric triglyceride / castor oil / vitamin E / eutoxythanol amyl acetate / perfume.

Considering it has castor oil and vitamin E. It is a good buy.

My take
Well it works. I dont require too much of product for my nails and one bottle last me a month. So its pretty cheap considering the price. I have tried the lakme polish remover but this one seems a better pick.

I dont have any complains from the product. I give it a 5 out of 5.