Thursday, 6 February 2014

Love your parents

As you know, right now I am attending my EDP sessions at Company Secretary institute. Today we got to hear a great speaker and motivator Amar Agarwala who is the author of "Missing Varun".

That 3 hour speech has changed my way of thinking. He has changed my perception towards my life. Each and every word touched each of the heart sitting there. What he told about parents is what I am going to share with you guys. The lines that you are going to read now are dedicated to my parents and this is probably my first thing that I am going to dedicate to my parents.

Like other kids I too love my parents but we never express our love to them. Yes I accept that I take my parents for granted. The reason that I am writing this blog and I am able to express my feelings is because of them only. As a child I never understood them as such. Now when I empathise with them I think they have done a far better job then probably I could have ever thought of.. I have never been an easy child. Trust me never. Not a bit.

But today when I see some qualities of adjustments and understanding in myself I know that I have inherited it from my parents. Although I have been more in touch with my mother but Somewhere I have equal respect for my father. Its because of his earnings and hardwork, a family is in motion so well. I have never seen him putting any pressure on any of my siblings or me. He has given us so much freedom.

We are a family of 9 people, where I have my grandmother and her family of two sons. So you see I have two sets of parents including my uncle and aunt and my parents. Also we are four siblings living together.

Now when I understand their contribution in my life I feel I will never be able to do this much even for my own kids. The reason why I am studying in one of the most expensive and most famous college in kolkata is because of my parents. They are struggling so hard to give us a living and we dont do anything in return.

The reason that I have so much maturity in understanding things and people is because of my mother. In my life I have never seen her saying no if she was asked to cook. Although we never thanked her for the food she made but she never demanded anything in return. How do mothers get so much of tolerablity I never understand. When I look back I have never been obidient daughter but she has handled me so beautifully that I owe my life to her. And the way she is managing her family, I guess all the management institutions should learn from these

Housewives on how to manage. I being a managenent student can never manage so beautifully like her.

Coming to the fathers, all I can say is that you need courage to see your hard-earned money flowing like water to build up someone's career and yet not expecting anything in return. He has always respected and loved my mother which is the reason why we children see stabily in our home. He never questioned about where the money is flowing.

All I can say is our parents are not at all professionals but each and every person should learn from them on how to behave like professionals. If you cannot love your parents, how can you love someone else?
Showing love is never that tough, you dont need words to express, you can even do so my your actions. I know they may not agree with you at times but at the end of the day all they want is your happiness.

Thank you