Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hello friends, I know you all will kill me for not keeping up to the blog. As you all know I was attending my EDP sessions at ICSI-EIRC. OMG what a great experience it was. I entered as roll number 27 of EDP batch and I came out having a lovely tag of "blogger". You feel so nice when people recognize you with something.

I got to learn something from each one of you and the memories will remain forever. You know what the whole month of january was like sitting back at home and blogging and suddenly you get so much rush in your life but at the end of the day you feel good. I know my exams are also coming so there is furthur rush in my blood but right now my face needs some pampering as it has lost its glow. So I need to attack my skincare shelves for quick pampering.. No. No, I will not be away from blog. Trust me. So watch this space for more interesting updates. Till then goodbye..