Sunday, 16 February 2014

Elle18 lipstick pinken review

This time I am back with a lipstick review. Although I am not a big fan of lipsticks but Elle18 is a brand that attracts college goers for their price and quality. Thus, when I was searching for a lipgloss, I was shown a bright pink lipstick and thus is how I got attracted to it.

Although it is priced at rupees 100, I got it for 95 bucks. Happy me.

This lipstick comes in a black case and shade name and number is written below. Packaging is simple and good. I like it.

The colour is a bright pink which all of us can wear everyday. I think it wont suit dusky skinned beauties but medium and fair skin toned girls can rock it.

Here comes the loophole. As you can see in the pics it has already got broken by its base and I dont know how. The lipstick is so soft and it almost glides through my lips. But it melts in summers. Yes its that soft. You need to handle it with care. There is a white lip balm in the centre which provides glossiness to the lips. You dont need a lip balm underneath and it does not dries out the lips.

It has got a mild fragrance which smells of bubblegums. Sensitive noses will not have a problem.

Staying power
It has got a poor staying power. It does not stay even for complete 3 hours also and reapplying lipsticks is a big task.

Its widely available. The shade number is 13. That is never a problem.

Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for its poor staying power and delicacy. Overall I like it.