Monday, 3 February 2014

Get beautiful the natural way

I have been strssing on using homemade products. The reason being that you know what you are using on your skin.. Trust me natural things work more effectively and quickly when compared with unnatural things.. Your skin will thank you for being so kind to it. It does not only applies for woman but also for men also.

Here are some recepies that will force you to ditch your chemical loaded products and to shift to your homemade products. Read furthur to know more.

1. Ditch your expensive lip scrub for a yummy homemade scrub. Just mix sugar granules with your favourite flavoured lip balm and you will get smooth, soft,kissable lips in seconds.

2. You can even make a yummy body scrub by mixing cocoa powder, coffeee and powdered sugar along with almond oil or honey. Trust me, you will get smooth glowing skin and your bathroom will smell like heaven. Even you can use it for your face.

3. Dump you manicure-pedicure sessions at salons for a pampering session at home. Take as much hot water as you can bear and put some shampoo and salt and put your hands and legs in it for around 20 minutes. You will feel relaxed like never before.

4. For fruit facials, just mash the pulp of any fruit that is available at home and mix it and apply. Your face will get a natural glow.

5. Oiling your hair with warm mustard oil and washing off will give a radient shine to your hairs.

6. Keep some orange peel powder at home and you can get radient skin in seconds. I myself make orange peel powder for entire year. Whenever I need a quick facial, I just mix orange peel powder and honey and apply it.

7. If you want your chapped lips to be healed, apply a drop of mustard oil on your bellybutton every night. You will get healed lips by morning.

8. For a quick colour to your hair, apply henna. It will not only give your hair a natural colour, but it will also make your hair smooth and shiny.

9. For soft feet and crack-free feet, soak your feet in warm water at night and apply vaseline and wear cotton socks. You will get smooth and soft feet in morning.

10. To whiten your teeth naturally, mix black salt with 4-5 drops of mustard oil and apply to your teeth. You will get whiter teeth naturally.

These are some tips that I swear by in my life. They are not only cost effective treatments, but they also give immediate results. I think its very important for us to ditch our chemical loaded products and switch to these herbal alternatives. I bet you will never turn back to chemical loaded cosmetics