Saturday, 15 February 2014

DIY rosewater and clove oil toner

I am back once again with a toner recepie. I follow my CTM routine and use rosewater from patanjali as my toner. It gives a nice glow to my face. But off late my skin started breaking out so I decided to give my toner a good makeover and thus came up with this idea.

This toner requires just two basic ingredients - rosewater and clove oil. You know clove oil has an amazing fragrance. It has its own properties to ignite senses. You feel good by its smell. It also helps in preventing breakouts. And rosewater as we all know is the toner of the universe.

Its smells of both roses and clove which is an instant mood enhancer. You have to try it to feel the smell but I can say its very refreshing. I have got a sensitive skin so I can say it will not harm sensitive beauties.

Preparation method- oh thats easy just pour rosewater in a spray bottle and put 2-3 drops of clove and you are done. Its that easy!

So go ahead and prepare your toner.

Thank you