Friday, 31 January 2014

Thought of the day

This thought is very very special to my heart. Yesterday, I was not able to sleep as I was consoling some of my friends over whatsapp since they did not clear their IPCC exams. This made me wonder about my results also which is about to come in a month's time. I was wondering about the Indian education system where a student puts his last drop of blood to prepare for his exams and he is not able to achive what he wants to. I accept that there is competition but what I want to say is those who are deserving should not be held back.

Same goes with me. I have given my everything to prepare for my exams, now if the result does not come positive I would be shattered completely. Those efforts which I made in first go cannot be made again. I dont know but I slept thinking about all this. But one thing I must say that the Indian education system should change. Success must be given to those who deserve. Anyways here comes the thought of the day written by me.

I know there were choices, options and alternatives, but when I look back I only see my zeal to make my life better.