Monday, 13 January 2014

10 things about me

1.I m a student studying management and company secretaries. (I know this combination is diverse but I don’t know where will I end up)

2.I  am a sucker for makeup, clothes, handbags, shoes (basically I make it a point to have a combination of all of these in my wardrobe..I don’t like too much of a particular thing)

3.As you can make up from above I get bored from things very fast but that does not happen with people in my life..

4.I have a set of very limited friends, but that doesent bother me because my friends are way too special.

5.I don’t like people who overreact a lot.. u know those chi chi poo poo types.. I m a straightforward girl who loves the company of likeminded  people..

7.My favourite hobby include reading blogs of all categories..

6.I love doing my nailarts.. by now I have created a huge album of nailarts only.

8.I hate physical activities.. this also includes working out..I am a lazy bum..he he

9.I love writing my notes with all the colourful pens.. the whole class is jealous of my colourful notes.. I use atleast 8-9 pens at a time to write.lols

10.I love DIYs. Somehow they enhance the creativity inside me.

Right now i can think of this much only.. will do more such posts as i discover something interesting about myself..

thank you for reading.. have a great day..