Friday, 31 January 2014

Products that got emptied in January

January was high on winters in Kolkata. I have been literally wearing my 3 pairs of socks, out of which two of them are worn out and the third one is on the verge of wearing out.
Since tomorrow is first day of february, so from tomorrow onwards all newspapers, all social networking websites, all TV channels and magazines will be flooded with pinks and hearts and roses and teddys and kisses and on and on for the upcoming valentines day. There is so much excitement for this day around me.
Also from monday onwards I will be busy for a training at CS institute do will be off from this blog for a while from monday..

Coming back to the post, I ended up a few things in the first month. Heres' the list..

1. Garnier BB cream. Thisis my second tube and now I think I will never turn back to it again. I have found my new love that us Ponds BB cream and I am kinda hooked..

2. Patanjali body lotion. It is a good herbal body lotion for the price. I am loving it.

3. Maybelline lip balm in berry blast. This is the best tinted lip balm I have ever tried with such a yummy smell. I must say its the most abused lip balm by me till date.

4. Habibs hair serum. Okay I admit this is not this month' empty but I took nearly two and a half month to complete this bottle. Not turning back to it again. I am bored ##yawwnn##.

5. Nivea 48 hour anti perspirant roll on. It is a good roll on for the price. I loved using it. The smell lingers for a very long time and it does not leaves white patches like other roll on deos.

6. Lotus herbals kajal. Okayy I admit I am a kajal addict. And this kajal is my favourite. I have actually seen my lower lashes growing after using this kajal. It is so abused that I even lost its cap.

7. Biotique bio margosa shampoo. A good herbal shampoo from biotique. It helped controlling my dandruff and flakiness and also made my hair soft. I has also got conditioner with it so its a good shampoo..

So tell me your stories of january empties..

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