Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to make tinted moisturizer at home

We all love some kind of sun protection for our face and we also love some kind of cream that helps in hiding our blemishes and provide some brightening effect. So my brain struck into an idea, why not lets combine a cream and a sunscreen and make your own version of a BB cream?

Sounds interesting! Oh yes it is interesting indeed. When I am in a hurry I forget to apply my sunscreen and later on I regret about it. So I thought to make my own tinted  moisturiser which is safe to use and contains less chemicals  as compared to other creams. It is very simple and easy to make and can be stored for a long period of time.

Actually the motivation behind the idea is the time factor and the money. We youngsters are always in hunt of good products at low prices. And I believe its best to protect our skin at this age as much as possible so that we can reap maximum benefits out of our skin at later stage. So I prefer using as much natural things as possible.

This tinted moisturiser I am talking about is very easy to make and combines some very basic ingredients which can be stored for a long time. But i prefer making smaller batches.

So lets jump straight to the DIY.

An empty container
Tinted loose powder, I am using lakme rose powder
Aloevera gel

Thats it...

Firstly take some loose powder in an empty container. Make sure you sanitize your spoon to tranfer the powder.

Then take some aloevera gel in the container.

Finally take some sunscreen in it.

Now just mix all these and you are done.

You can even select your shade to make an even colour by taking more loose powder. It brightens my face and covers slight imperfections. It is good for daily use and contains benefits of aloevera and sunscreen.

You can even make a shimmer moisturizer by mixing some shimmer powder or liquid, I have used here Oriflame peach me perfect cream.

A final note, please make sure that you sanitize your hands before dipping your fingers in the container..