Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My battle with my hair

Oh my hairs have never been easy with me. They are actually taking some kind of revenge from me (I don’t know why..) Till my school days, even my skin was not in terms with me, but gradually with constant care and facials, my skin has improved a lot. But I don’t know what to do with my hairs.

Actually the story goes like this. My mother does not have very good skin but she is very very fair, so the same traits are passed on to me as well. But still I have maintained my hairs to a lot of extent but still they are not in a state in which I want them to be. I have shoulder length hair with oily scalp and dry hair.

 Someone told me that the real beauty of a woman is defined by the length of her hair and since then my battle with my hair has started. I have been suffering from dandruff, premature graying, hairloss, thinning of hair, split end , even baldness(aloepacia)and what not. I actually feel pity on myself now. After school I started taking care of both my hair and skin. I have tried all possible hot oil massages, luxurious oils, shampoos, conditioners but the texture of my hair did not improve. I tried all the home remedies to improve my hair condition but they refuse to improve. Then earlier in 2013 I was diagnosed with aloepacia and that has become the biggest nightmare of my life. It took so much strength to stand up with self confidence. Doctors told me that the biggest reason behind hairloss is stress and tension. I don’t know if they were right but during my CS  finals exam in December 2013, I lost more hairs then they were supposed to be. I lost confidence in each and every advertisement shown in the T.V be it shampoo or conditioner or hairoil etc. to me all these are utter bullshit which do not improve my hair condition.

The only change that I saw in the texture of my hair was by applying almond oil from Patanjali. It reduced my dandruff to a lot of extent and made my hair soft. So you can see that I love my almond oil like anything. It is no less than a miracle for me. Then I tried switching over to herbal alternatives but it was of no use. Patanjali kesh kanti shampoo made my hair super-dry. Hot oils just improved my hair for a single day, the next day my hair felt so oily. During summer months, my head used to be super oily and since it is of curly texture so you can well imagine how difficult it was for me to manage my hair. With so much frustration in my head I used to go to the parlors every time to get my hair trimmed and after trimming my hairs used to become super-short. Now I am about to cry.. “weep” ”weep”. Even I tried the most reputed salons but whoever turned up to my hair for trimming only said that my hair was in worst condition and something had to be done to them. I have lost count on how much I have heard for my hair. I seriously wanted to say these people that they are being paid for trimming and not for opening their mouth to say something that I knew, but still I kept quiet . And now I just trim my hair at home only. I get frustrated with those fat ugly parlor ladies.
Now I have lost hope to recover my hair. I am just trying to be happy with whatever I have. I have realized that God has been very kind to me by giving me an amazing life. I have learnt to stay happy with my hair for they belong to me and only me. Whoever loves me will not love me for the condition of my hair but for the heart that I possess. As they say beauty of skin fades but beauty of heart remains forever..

So next time when you say someone that you are not beautiful, just wait and think that it takes a lot of courage to stand with a confidence in front of you. If you cannot praise about a person just don’t demoralize him. It’s not about beauty, it about a person.

Thank you

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