Monday, 13 January 2014


As i write this post i feel very elated because patanjali has been my favourite brand till date.. i love the products that are so easily available and deliver such quick results.. Now i dont try other stuffs in the market except when i need a skincare experiments have ended at this brand. i actually get nightmare that the products are out of stock.. If ever Baba Ramdev ventures into makeup then i will be the first person to purchase their entire INVENTORY.

I purchased 7 products and will surely review them one by one in coming days..

one thing i must mention that i tried the reetha shampoo on my sensitive scalp today only without conditioner and i must say my hair feels shiny and voluminious without a single HAIRFALL...yayyyyyy

The gulabjal bottles i have lost count on them. the facewash and crackheel cream both are my third tubes.. Special mention to the eyedrop, let me tell you my vision has cleared to a lot extent since i started using it. I dont feel the need of my spectacles.. OH YES the almond oil has been a saviour to my patchy oily skin this winter.. i gives an awessome glow to my face...