Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Two minute makeup look tutorial

Makeup is something that i love doing. I mean any girl would not mind if something enhances her features.. My love for makeup has inspired me to start this blog. With so much passion in my heart i thought why not come up with a basic tutorial. This tutorial would help you out when you are in a hurry. I mean something is always better than nothing.
This tutorial requires some very very basic things. It just prepares your face in the morning. If you have a clean face without any imperfections you can very well go ahead with this look.
A kajal
A lip gloss
A lip balm
A BB cream
A mascara
By now it must have been very clear to you that what I am talking about. People are actually confused of what to apply and what not to apply when they are in a hurry. So they tend to skip a few steps in their makeup.
Step 1
Wash your face with facewash and put toner.
Step 2
Applyy BB cream on your face.
Step 3
Apply kajal on your eyes. If you want you can line up your upper lid also. But here I am lining my lower lid
Step 4
Apply lip balm and then a lip gloss. The trick is to put focus on your  lips since the eyes are not done up so much. This would instanly bright up your face
Finally apply mascara and you are done.
Enjoy your look..

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