Wednesday, 22 January 2014

DIY coffee cocoa mask for glowing skin

As you all know I am a big fan of DIYs. This time it’s a DIY with cocoa and coffee. And its equally tempting. We girls just love chocolate and when it becomes a part of our skincare, it gives an amazing heavenly feeling. My room gets filled with its amazing aroma. The entire winter, hot chocolate has been flowing in our blood and it’s high time that it flows through our skin too. This is a simple at home mask which gives a spa like feeling at the comfort of your home. I actually end up licking a part of this superb mask.
Okay so you all have become very excited by now. Read further to know more about this DIY.

Coffee- it is loaded with antioxidants which can prevent premature skin ageing. It helps in preventing the appearance of cellulite and also removes puffy eyes. It acts as a good exfoliator for dry skin and makes it silky and smooth.

Cocoa powder- it is very rich in antioxidants including vitamin E, helps to keep your skin supple, glowing and young. It has lots of minerals including calcium, potassium and zinc. This also helps in preventing cellulite.

Honey- who doesn’t knows the benefits of honey in skincare. It acts as a natural moisturizer and has antibacterial properties. It is also full of antioxidants which helps in clarification of pores and gives a healthy glow

I can see you all getting tempted to try this DIY. Trust me it gives a very healthy glow which lasts throughout the day and with regular use, it with make your skin smooth and glowing. Just massage your skin for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water and check out the difference yourself.

Firstly take some coffee powder in a bowl

Add cocoa powder

And finally add honey to make it in a consistency of a paste

It is indeed tempting and I bet you will end up licking it.

 You can also add almond oil for added benefits. Now you don’t have to rush to parlors for your face cleanups. You can get it done at the comfort of your home with easily available ingredients and it takes just 15 minutes of your time.
Do we need anything more??