Friday, 31 January 2014

Get stripped DIY nail art tutorial.

I love stripes on my nails. They give a very very edgy look. I feel them to be very sexy. And they are easy to do. If you are used to drawing straight lines, then you can master this art.
This time I have created striped nail art with a difference. I have combined two coloured striped and whoaa a new nail art..

This can be done on any base except black and white. Because I am doing stripes in two colours that is black and white..

Step one paint your nails with a red colour nail paint..

Draw three stripes with a white nail art pen in the left hand side of the nail.

Then draw three stripes with a black nail art pen on the right side of the nail. Try and make them match on the upper part.

Now you are done. You will get edgy nails in minutes.

Thank you


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