Monday, 27 January 2014

How to keep yourself fresh while staying outdoors

This is a problem with probably all the persons out there. Since I have oily skin, my face becomes oily when I stay outdoors and thus it becomes dull and lifeless. Sun plays a very important role in causing harm to our skin. Tanning, pigmentation, loosing your glow are all because of staying out for a very long time. Staying fresh also becomes important so that you feel confident about yourself even if you have to catch up with your friends or a date maybe in the evening.

So here are few tips to keep you fresh even if you are staying outdoors for the entire day.

Before stepping out of your house apply sunscreen. And keep a small tube of sunscreen in your bag. This helps in providing some sun protection

Never leave your house without a bottle of water, if you know that you have to stay outdoors. This will ensure that your body is hydrated and also you will not feel thirsty

Keep a packet of wet wipes especially baby wipes because they do not have alcohol in them. Use them as often as you need. Wet wipes gives you a feeling of a clean and a pollution free face so you know that your face is not carrying any dust or oiliness.

Another thing on which I stress is keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. I prefer Himalaya pure hands sanitizer which is priced at Rs. 40 or so. It becomes a must to use a hand sanitizer before and after having your food so that your hands become germs free. 

Coming to the makeup part, I think to look fresh, a girl just requires just basic things- a kajal, a moisturizer, a lip balm. Also carry a comb with you so that your hair does not feel messed up. I know you must be thinking that the bag will become heavy but its not so, these are basic things that even a man should keep in his bag (apart from the makeup ofcourse) these are basic and very important things which most of us tend to skip but they are very important as a part of our hygiene and freshness.Also keep some candies and mint in your bag so that your mouth feels fresh and you become more confident.For girls, if you are oily skinned like me, you must also keep a compact powder so that your face feels bright and glowing.Wear comfortable and loose clothing and comfortable footwear so that you do not feel uncomfortable while walking or sitting and also you are able to carry yourself wellWhile staying outdoors don’t eat oily or fried food and also avoid cold drinks because it makes your face more oily and your body also feels weak. So as far as possible try and avoid these.Lastly try and smile as far as possible because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. I know I am overstressing on smiling but still its very important to be feel fresh, glowing and confident.

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