Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tangy Orangey DIY

Here goes my first do it yourself post on the blog. We all love this tangy fruit in winters. Every morning I have a glass of orange juice. This fruit provides vitamin c, reduces inflammation and promotes skin condition. Vitamin c is the key ingredient for production of collagen and hemoglobin.
Apart from health benefits, it holds a good position in skincare regimen. It can be used in many ways.

1.Orange juice along with a pinch of turmeric when applied on face gives an excellent party like glow on face.
2.Orange peel when rubbed on skin before bathing makes skin smooth and soft
3.A quick massage on face with orange juice brightens up the face.
4.Make a lip scrub at home by mixing sugar granules with orange juice and honey.
5.Orange juice can be applied on hair for that extra shine.
6.Dip orange peel in raw milk and you can use it as a scrub.
7.Add orange juice in bath water for a refreshing bath or in manicures and pedicures for added benefit.

I make a batch of dried orange peel powder at home which I use it for my facials and body masks.

Here I share a quick DIY for a mini facial at home.
Things required peel powder

Firstly add honey to the powder.

Then add rosewater according to the desired consistency

This provides mild scrubbing to the face along with benefits of a facemask. Just keep massaging your face for 10 minutes with this pack and wash off with normal water. You will get a glow on your face along with skin brightening.

You can also make a body mask at home for body polishing by adding gram flour and aloevera gel and massage your body with this pack. Use of gram flour in pack will make the skin smooth. Aloevera gel helps prevent tanning, honey provides moisture to skin and keeps it smooth, rosewater has toning properties and it’s a powerful mood enhancer. You can even make a coffee-orange face pack by adding coffee into it. Ah! Heavenly smell. There is no end to innovation, the more you think the more ideas will pop up. More experiments can my done by adding almond oil for nourishment. You can add anything good in these packs for extra benefits.

The best thing about DIYs is that they bring out the real creativity in you without burning a hole in your pocket. You know that you are not causing any harm to your skin. And your skin will thank you back for this. It does not consume much of time and shows quick and long term results.

thank you...