Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lux White Impress Bodywash Review

This bodywash was sent to me by as a part of their campaign. It is a white coloured bottle with same coloured flip cap. The colour of the bodywash is also white. The texture of the bodywash is okay, not too thick, not too runny. I received a loofah also with this. The loofah
is also of white colour which is of good quality.

I am more of a soap person than a bodywash person. I basically use handmade soaps from Patanjali and Khadi because they don’t make my skin dry as the bodywashes. When on days I feel my body needs a scrubbing, I use bodywash .

Coming back to the product, it is quiet handy bottle for travel. This is priced at Rupees 70 for 125 ml bottle. This is the first time I have tried any bodywash from Lux. Previously I have tried I Fiama Di Wills bodywash in mild dew which I quite liked. The bodywash says it has mulberry extracts, honey and micro crystals, it claims for all over body whitening for fairer, smoother skin that dazzles, which is a fake claim. It is actually as average bodywah which dries out my skin a bit. I did not get the feeling of smooth of fair skin at all. It also says that it is crafted from the worls’s best perfume, but I noticed a very faint smell which did not even last for 5 minutes after the shower. In the cleaning part it works decently and it lathers well with loofah. I love my bath products to be well scented but I did not find it in this bottle.
 And by now I have very well understood that the whitening and brightening claims by the companies are all fake. Please grow up companies! The consumer no longer gets driven by these false claims and we blogs help people to choose right product and get the value for money. It contains gelatin, SLS, potassium chloride, and also a long list of ingredient. As I said I hate the long list of chemicals in my product. This new product from Lux is not much appealing to me. I have already passed this bodywash to my brother who uses it now (evil sister) I am glad they sent me a small sized bottle, a big sized bottle would have been very difficult to finish it off.

Decently priced
Comes with a loofah which is of good quality
Cleans very well

All fake claims of skin brightening, whitening, top class frangrance.. I am so bored of it.
It makes my skin dry
Fragrance does not stay for long
Contains long list of chemicals with sls

Since I don’t love bodywashes much it was a miss for me. But my hunt is still on for a decent bodywash with good fragrance and which does not make my skin dry. I hope my search ends soon.

Thank you for reading