Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Oriflame tea tree and rosemary face wash and tone gel

This facewash was lying in my shelf for a very long time. It was yelling at me to use it but after I found my Patanjali Saundarya facewash, I lost my attention on this Oriflame baby.

Lets see how it fared on me

It’s a green coloured sleek cylindrical bottle with a white cap and its easy to carry around in handbags. Basically, I like such twisted caps of bottles and tubes as the flip caps tend to break once they fell down or get slipped by hand. The consistency of the gel is not very thick and also not very runny, it has clear gel like texture. There is no problem with the texture of the face wash.

This face wash is priced at Rupees 329 for a 150 ml bottle but I grabbed it at Rupees 275.  As soon as you open the cap you are greeted with a strong tea tree scent which I love. The back of the bottle is printed with so many words that I am not able to understand most of them but few of them include aqua glycerine, SLS, hydrogenated castor oil, parabens, sodium chloride.

It gives a refreshing feeling in summers and does not dry out my skin. Coming to the cleaning part, this gel is not very effective in cleaning my oily skin. I mean that within 20 minutes of washing the face I again feel oily, so what’s the point of including tea tree when it cannot control oiliness? Also, I don’t get the feeling of my skin getting toned. Neither it has helped me to control my pimples. 

  • Nice refreshing smell
  • Easy to carry bottle
  • Combination of a facewash and a toner
  • Does not dry out my skin

Cons (oh there are too many)
  • It contains SLS and parabens
  • Does not clean my skin well
  • Despite having SLS it does not lather much. I was expecting atleast a feeling that my face is getting cleaned
  • My skin becomes oily after about 20 minutes of using it. This does not happen with any other facewash
  • The fragrance which is the only good point tends to get disappeared in just 2 minutes. (sad)
  • No feeling of skin getting toned
  • Does not help with my pimples
  • The price, I feel its on higher side 

This facewash is a total skip for me. I give it 1 out of 5 (just for its smell and texture)

Thank you