Tuesday, 21 January 2014

DIY valentine day nail art

Well its time for valentines day, but we all start getting excited since the first day of the year. Don’t we? Everyone around me is making some plan or the other for this V day. So I thought why not come up with a nail art this season. This nailart is very easy to do and it looks cheesy as well. It is all about how well you draw the heart shape on you nail. Once you art satisfied with your heart shape, you are good to go. It is very easy to be done.. have a look

First paint your nails with a red colour nail paint. I choose red nail paint from VOV.

When it dries draw a beautiful heart shape on each nail. Make sure that you have enough space inside your heart (I mean the drawing.. errr) for the white colour to be filled in.

Next when it dries completely fill up you hearts with a white nail paint. Please don’t go beyond the black borders or else it will become messy.

For the final touch coat the nails with a transparent nail colour so that the nail art gives the glossy effect and it does not chip away.

And here you are done..

Please  igonore my thumb finer, the nail broke out a few days back.

So how do you like this nail art?? Share your views..

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