Sunday, 19 January 2014

How blogging has changed my life

I am a new blogger on the block. Previously I was book person, but then one day I landed up to the world of blogging and I realized that there are so many writers who write on different issues. It was fun reading them, you can get various content on almost anything. It is a good way where people from different background share their views. It was interesting to see what’s going on in lives of others and frequent updates made it even more interesting to wait for a new post everyday. And then one day I decided to start my own blog. Blogs are like open books, or rather open diaries , there is a new learning everyday. You grow as you blog. Being fake does not help you here in anyway. You need to be honest and straight everyday..
The little changes in my life due to blogging are

I see world with a different view- this can be best understood by the ones who are blogging. Its not that the world as a whole has become a different planet for me but I look at it with a different perspective. I try to analyze each and every thing around me. Simple little changes around me creates a different excitement in me. I have no words to explain that. The feeling is indeed special. Every little thing that enters my home has to pass through a scrutiny by me. I first take enough pictures, make a proper analysis and then I grant it permission for use.

Pictures are not captured through my eyes but through a camera  -  previously my camera only took my images, I guess it was too  bored with my images so then I gave it a new job. It seems my cam is also loving its new job.

My ability to think has started growing – I realized that so many ideas never popped up in my mind. Not even during exams! All thanks to this blog, I am getting more and more ideas than before. My creative abilities have increased. I am actually thinking each and every moment on how to write good content in my blog. My brain is put to a better use. It is not something easy, it needs constant practice. Now I have started knowing that I am good at generating new ideas.

I am writing full words- oh this is something that I hated at the very beginning. Before this blog I was used to writing sms languages in electronic media. I only wrote full words during exams with pen and paper. But now my “u” has changed to “you” and “whr” has changed to where. At first it was tough but gradually I have realized that it is good for me. A person should not be addicted to sms languages. It kills vocabulary. All thanks to blogging. Now I have started using full words everywhere and I am proud of it.

My respect for other bloggers have grown up- I used to think that blogging is very easy but as I took up this task I realized that blogging is not at all easy. It requires good writing skill and proper presentation and most importantly good ideas. You need to update your blog everyday. And writing good article with enough content is not easy. Blogging it equally tough as it seems. I respect all the bloggers who have made good efforts in their blogs and have reached to a good position. I respect them with my heart. “bows down”

At present I am not thinking to make it big. The idea of sharing my thoughts to the entire world excites me. Blogging it not about making money. Its about sharing your heart out and sharing a part of your life. thanks to the social media for giving such a big platform..

Thank you