Thursday, 23 January 2014

Leopard print nail art tutorial

Leopard print is everywhere, be it in clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even nails. The easiest way to create this look is by the way of a nail art. I find it super easy and super chic. My nails create a fashion statement in themselves. I even like zebra print on my nails and I have a separate post on it lying up.

It just needs two basic colours one light and one dark. The trick is to keep the lighter shade as the base and the darker shade as the print. The outlining can be done with any colour but I prefer black over all the colours because black as a colour is very strong and its just great for outlining purpose. Black completes the look for any sort of nailart. Now you don’t have to waste your money to get nailarts done at reputed salons. You can create it on your own and you it does not require a good hand at drawing. Now ditch your boring manicures with simple monotone colours and give a super classy manicure to your hands because they deserve your attention.
So here comes the DIY. As I said you require 2 nailcolours and one outliner. Here I take a golden colour nailpaint and a dark brown nailpaint. You can create this look with even colours like pinks and blues they look equally chic and sexy but the trick is to keep pink as base.

Step one -paint your nails with light golden colour nail paint.

Step two – draw dots from a dark brown nail paint. They must not be in a sequence otherwise they will look odd. Place these dots randomly.

Step three – now in this step draw outlines with a black nail paint but don’t draw full circles. Just random outlines needs to be done. Here the trick is to create it with random hands otherwise they will not give a real look

Step five – finish up this look by coating it with transparent nail paint so that it gives a shine to the nail art and helps it preserve for a longer period of time.

Hope you like this tutorial.