Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Good Morning

Did I say you that I love winters? No? yes yes I love winters. Off late my life has been on a standstill. During exams you create a long list to be done post exams but when it actally gets over, you have nothing to do. I gave my CS professional exams in December 2013 and boy! Last year has been a roller coaster ride for me. Hopping from one tuition to another. Dizziness, tiredness,tanning has taken a toll over my body but I had the zeal in me to work harder and harder. The knowledge I gained was more precious. I felt myself changing from a student to a professional. Anyway I will do a separate blog post on that. After exams my life is just restricted to college and home. I hate early morning trips to my college. I put 10 alarms in total with a gap of 5 minutes between each one

Getting up at morning 5.30 and leaving your bed is such big task. And even more painful is brushing your teeth with chilly water. But once I get up there is no looking back to my bed. Onve I leave my home, I get picked by the beauty of the city. It’s a warm feeling where you just want to hold hands of your loved ones and enjoy long walks along with chit-chats. But my mood of romance ends with the thought of studies. Poor me! Anyways priorities are priorities….

Did you notice that my face has turned red due to chilly winds? The city is this cold right now. Trust me. Okay I am in my most comfortable clothing – jeans and tee with a red overcoat. I love the very warm feeling that the jacket gives me, my body feels all the more cozy inside it. Makeupwise I have just applied my Lotus kajal and Maybelline baby lips in berry blast. Honestly you don’t feel like washing your face, forget about applying anything. But still my skin is behaving good right now so I am not facing the need of applying BB cream or something.
And please ignore the dizziness on my face. You know, it’s a cold winter morning. I have my headphones on and listening to “baahon me chale aao, humse sanam kya parda” and enjpying my walk.     OMG life is truly a bliss. I love the view of ponds and the surface waters covered with dew

Honestly speaking pictures can never do justice to depict the beauty of a cold winter morning. You really have to get up, part with your blanket and bed, leave your home and give your eyes a visual treat..