Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lessons Of Life

When I look back at last year, I feel this year has given me a lot. A lot of incidents have shaped me the way what I am today. I feel a lot happier than I used to be. As I write this post I am sharing a part of myself and I am proud of getting such a platform to express myself so that others have an idea of their mistakes. It’s a post on the mistakes that I made and what I have learnt from these mistakes
This year, I met so many people who left their impressions in my life in some way or other. Each of these people holds a special place in my memories, whether good or bad. Friendship holds a special place in lives of every people but forming a character of a person in early stages of

friendship is real bad. When the person doesn’t turn out as you had thought, it leads to heartbreaks. We maintain relationships not only with special ones but we have to maintain relationships with every other person we meet in our lives, our words play a very important role in shaping our character.
LESSON NUMBER 1- It’s always important to have a check on your words.
 We were a group of six friends, now the whole group is shattered just because of minor misunderstandings. I have learnt not to share everything with everyone, it always leads to misunderstandings.
LESSON NUMBER 2- it’s important to take things in a positive manner. Finding more good in a situation or thing will lead to more happiness than finding flaws
LESSON NUMBER 3- what you think about a person is not at all important information to others, better keep it to you.
I used to be a very impatient person who always used to get frustrated with little things. And now I am more of a calm and composed person. Yes it needs practice to see a change in yourself.
LESSON NUMBER 3-think before you react. Think before you speak. Think before you do. Think think think.
 These things not only create healthy relationships, but they also create better persons. I have learnt to be patient in my life, now I just wait for the reaction of counter party before I react. It was not only one incident, but a series of miscommunications that has shaped me what I am today.

It is not necessary that the other person, to whom you are having a conversation with, has the same state of mind as you. Things can always be misunderstood in some way or other which leads to fights and thus boycott. Today I feel if I would not have said a few things, I would not have regretted this much. But then again, everything happens for a reason. And now I realize that a mistake that has been committed in past would never be repeated again.
Trust again turns out to be dangerous in friendships. So it is always better to behave and act smartly. You don’t need to show what you are thinking.

LESSON NUMBER 4- smile because it costs nothing. It’s the strongest tool to spread happiness and positivity. Trust me it can change your day.
LESSON NUMBER 5-  always aim big but never ignore the little joys in life. These little incidents would shape up to happier memories in future.
LESSON NUMNER 6- have faith and confidence in yourself. It has the power to change fortunes.
LESSON NUMBER 7-Next comes the biggest lesson that I have learnt so far. LET IT GO, there are more important things in life than to hold back the misfortunes. Always take it easy and casual. These little things do not deserve seriousness from you. TRY AND TAKE IT EASY. SHOW YOUR SERIOUSNESS WHERE IT IS ACTUALLY REQUIRED.

Thank you

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