Thursday, 16 January 2014

Almonds in skincare

The first thing that I have In the morning after water  is 5-6 almonds soaked overnight. They are even good option when you don’t have time for breakfast and you are in hurry, just grab handful of almonds and you will not get the feeling of empty stomach. Almonds have become a staple thing in households.

100% pure almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins like A,D and E. it does not have the greesy feeling like coconut oil nor does it has a strong smell like mustard oil. It feels light, non-greasy and smooth.

I have tried many many moisturizers in the past but none of them were effective in curing my dry and flakey skin during winters then the Patanjali almond oil landed at my kitty. One night I applied it on my face, next morning I woke up with a smooth, fair and nourished skin and now after using for 2 months, all I can say that I cannot live without my Patanjali almond oil. It is cheaper than its Hamdard counterpart but it delivers the exact results (or even better). It is priced at Rupees 100 for 60ml. I use it as a regular moisturizer but it makes my skintone a bit darker so I apply it at night only. The best part is being an oil, it did not break me out. I have noticed the growth of my eyebrows and eyelashes after using it. My skin feels a lot more smoother and brighter. I even use it as my hot oil massages and it has given me shiny hair.

How to use my almond oil
1. As a lip scrub my mixing honey, almond oil and sugar granules
2. As a hot oil treatment
3. As a night cream
4. When my nails need some moisturizer, I use it as a cuticle oil.
5. Since it does not feels greasy I appy it on my hands and feet.
6. It does not have any fragrance, so no problem for me.
7. Most of my hairpacks and facepacks have almond oil in them.
8. In winters I use it as an afterbath body oil.
9. It has reduced my dandruff to a lot of extent.
10.Most importantly, I use it as a makeup remover, it removes my makeup very effectively.

The only thing that I dislike about Patanjali almond oil is that it comes in a plastic bottle without any nozzle, there are high chances of product spillage. So as soon as my Johnson’s baby oil got over, I transferred the almond oil into that bottle. Nad now I can use it very well. I have even transferred the extra oil into a Clean n Clear face wash bottle (the travel pack one priced at Rupees 15) so this prevents my product from getting waste.

They say that the oil prevents dark circles and it is good in anti-ageing, but I cannot comment on that aspect now.
The bottle reads as follows
 1.Relieves mental tension
2.Strengthens brain power
3.Good for heart
4.Relieves constipation
5.Fights dandruff
6.Keeps body warm in winters
7.Nourishes skin
8.Good for infants

So many benefits in one bottle. If you get your eyes on this bottle, just grab it.
So how do you use almond oil?