Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nivea aqua effect Refreshing facewash

Its winters in Kolkata and my skin is behaving quite well this time. I am a more of a mint flavoured person. I love the flavor in my food, my facewashes, soaps and other items. But during winters when it is still cold, you cannot bear the extra cold effect that mint flavor gives you. But during hot summers, this flavor is such a relief. But I love my mint teas during winter months..

Coming to the facewash, it comes from a trusted brand called Nivea. Ah! They make super awesome lip balms. This month I have completed Nivea pomegranate tinted lip balm and I loved its smell and colour. It gives a very healthy shine to my lips. Since this facewash was from such good brand I did not think before trying this. Read further to know how it fared on me.
It is a light blue coloured body with a white flip cap. The texture of the face wash is good. It is neither too thick nor too runny. At my first look on this facewash I thought it too be of a very refreshing minty type facewash (I hope you understand). But it did not have that fresh feeling at all. The tube mentions that it’s a refreshing facewash but it does not gives any feeling of getting refreshed.

It is priced at Rupees 99 for 75 ml which is pretty good for the price. But when I used it in winters it dried out my skin. My face was crying out for a moisturizer. Since I have dry skin in winters, it can be expected from a facewash. But on the cleaning part, this facewash did a good job of cleaning my face and removing all the oil and dust. This tube is available at all departmental stores and online as well. It gave a slight brightening effect due to its cleaning properties which I loved. It has a long list of ingredients which contains SLES and three types of parabens. Since I am not good at chemistry, I am not able to explain you the effect of having three types of parabens in a single facewash. All I know is that parabens are harmful for skin. But these days, which facewash doesn’t have parabens? So it does not bother me. But still it has a long list of chemicals which is not fare to a facewash. According to me, facewash is a thing that everyone uses in their skincare regimen for atleast two times a day, or maybe more. So it must contain minimum amount of chemicals. But still nothing can be done.

Coming to the fragrance of this facewash, as I said it is not that refreshing as I thought it would be. As you can see the colour of the facewash says that it it gives a refreshing feeling but the fragrance is very mind and does not stay even for 5 minutes after washing the face.

Summing up

Good things about the facewash

  • It comes from a trusted brand called Nivea
  • A good facewash for summers
  • It’s a tube so very easily it can be carried in a handbag and travel friendly
  • It has mild fragrance
  • 75ml for Rupees 99 is a decent thing for a facewash

Not so good things about facewash

  • It dries out my skin
  • It does not give THAT refreshing feeling
  • It contains a long list of chemicals

I give it a 3 out of 5. go for it girls..
Thank you