Friday, 17 January 2014

How to boost your self confidence

Having confidence in yourself is the biggest asset that a man can have today. In present times, we lose our confidence due to various pressures from friends, families and the society at large. 

Knowledge is the biggest source of building self confidence. The biggest pleasure lies in doing what others say you cannot do. But In today’s times the biggest reason of loosing trust in yourself is the feeling that you are not perfect. As I take my example, I was diagnosed with aloepacia last year and I had a bald spot on my head along with other skin disease. I lost my entire confidence, I forgot to dress up, I forgot to look beautiful, I forgot to make efforts to look pretty. I was only concerned with hiding my bald spot. I literally used to shiver when I met somebody. I used to get frustrated with little things in life. I did not go to college due to fear of being insulted. The stress inside me was increasing my hairfall. There was an urgent need to make changes in my life.

But then I was explained that I was beautiful, a bald spot doesn’t change the person I am. I was told that my knowledge was the biggest asset that I had. I started to dress up, I did long facials and body massages. I started to hangout with friends and started enjoying little things in life. I started making efforts to be a happy person and made little changes in my hairstyle to hide my bald spot. Soon the stress levels reduced and I became a happy person, and voila, the hair also started growing. Today I see myself as a changed person. A more happy person. I can say that loosing faith in yourself does not help in anyway.

  • Start making changes in your life. If you are planning to make a huge change at one go, it would never help. Start making little efforts. I am again saying that you need to aim big but do not forget to enjoy the little things in life. It truly helps, trust me.
  • Make efforts to look presentable. When u feel that you are looking good, your level of self confidence will be at its peak. Oh wait, I am not saying to invest your entire money and buy branded clothes, just little makeup and good clothes would help.
  • Learn to calm yourself down. It needs practice. Anxiety does not help In anyway. In present times we don’t even know that we are facing stress. My doctors told me that thinking about past unhappy memories also leads to stress. Start practicing to calm yourself.
  • Start knowing yourself. The more you know about yourself the more you know about your limits and abilities. Realize your potential and start working on it now..
  • Never make big goals. Make smaller goals and try to achieve them. Making big plans for the day will lead to more frustration.
  • Stay away from negativity. Stay away from people who are always negative in life. what others think is not your concern.
  • Try to be positive. Try and find out solutions and do not sit idle with the problems. Sitting with the problem does not help rather try and find out the solutions. During exams, I even changed the wallpaper of my phone to a motivating thought. I gave me energy to work harder. It does help trust me.
  • Smile smile smile. It creates wonders. It creates positivity. It creates happiness. Start practicing to smile at little things in life..
  • Reward yourself. It may be in form of pampering yourself with a facial, a little makeup, or applying a bright nailcolour or even taking to a friend you love.. It calms your soul.
  •                 Learn from your mistakes. Start working on your flaws. Mistakes are not to be repeated they are meant to be learnt.

Thank you