Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My nailpolish collection

All these are VOV nailpolishes. VOV is now INSIGHT.  This company is best known to make good products at low prices. I have so many nail polishes from their collection. I feel that I don’t feel the need of a brandname while choosing nailcolours. If the quality and colour is good I will buy. And, after using these nailpaints I do not feel the need of spending 100-300 bucks on single nailpaint with same colour.

The colour payoff is supergood. Even the colour stays for atleast 5 to 7 days with slight chipping at the upper surface. With remover they can be easily removed.

On my every visit to the shop, I make it a point to collect atleast one shade. They were previously priced at Rupees 20 but now they have increased their price to 25. At malls and high-end shops they are sold in between 30 to 50 bucks. It feels great when you find the same thing at low price , you feel like patting your back for such a great discovery..
I am also attaching the picture of a nailcolour remover from the same brand which is priced at Rupees 25. This is a lemon flavoured remover which just take one swipe to clear out the nail colour and it smells superb of lemons. I am yet to try the strawberry flavoured remover from the same brand

So here goes the pics